SIROIC – microchips for everyone

Satu Thoughts

It was 2007 when the world stopped for the first time. Nokia, the biggest mobile phone company in the world, decided to stop designing their own ASICs. We were not kicked out but sold. A short relief. In 2012 we, who thought to have done excellent job in creating the most competing mobile system ASICs, had to go.

Many old colleagues decided to move to another city in hopes to get a similar job, many just vanished from the business. Our small team thought that now’s the time to do our thing, to be bold and creative, maybe a little insane.. The team members had been in global roles and seen how chips were designed in several companies. A lot of time and effort were wasted in inventing the wheel again.

Petri had had an idea about harmonized design environment that could be used and developed in a collaborative way. He’d been the visionary already in the past and had been able to push through big changes in ways of working. It felt right to follow him and that vision, since based on our experience it was easy to see the need for the solution.

What started with more on focus on cloudification and harmonization has adopted more flavors from true collaboration thinking. The competitors out there share our vision what comes to clouds and harmonization. For us, however, openness has been from the start the thing that really makes the difference.

The open SW has made it possible that basically anyone can realise their game and application ideas. Imagine if you could just as easily implement a HW idea on a microchip!

This thought is our wet day dream. We, the old school microchip dinosaurs could use our expertise for benefit of customers, whether design house or individual, and open microchip business for everyone. Think about the possibilities, new job opportunities, all the new innovations and gadgets that new players could create when entering to the business.

Linux revolutionized SW business and we dare to say that SIROIC will do the same for hardware!