Siroic introduces SiroHub, a virtual workplace for microchip development.
SiroHub is cloud and tool independent work environment especially designed for collaboration.


SiroHub is a new collaborative work environment for microchip design. It is a hosted virtual workplace operating in clouds and able to expand and shrink on-demand. It enables more predictable development costs. SiroHub is the True Environment for Work™.


Internet of Things especially has increased the need for microchips. At the same time silicon technologies make it possible to integrate more functionality to even a smaller chip. The trend overall is faster, better, more and more.
Traditional design environments with fixed computing power and ad-hoc project based setups are not able to answer the call. It has become imminent to be able to be more agile also in hardware development – to take an action on demand, to scale nimbly in computing and even in design power.

Your Workplace

SiroHub Open is an affordable work environment where users can establish a project for themselves or for a group. Visibility is tackled with proper access rights and computing resources are shared with other public users. SiroHub Open is ideal for open source projects.

SiroHub Enterprise is typically for companies and setup as consultation service where customer requirements and need for dedicated adapters are reviewed. SiroHub Enterprise is dedicated for the customer.


Design houses can benefit from the elastic cloud computing and reduce their fixed costs.
Valuable human resources can be moved from design environment setup and maintenance for the actual design work.
Freelancers can use SiroHub as their design environment not needing to set it up from scratch. They can concentrate on creating the deliverable they were paid to do.
Universities can harmonize their environments, easen project creation and tool installations for the benefit of the students who can have their hands on a professional IC design environment.
For communities SiroHub offers a consistent collaboration portal for co-creation.
For do-it-yourself enthusiasts SiroHub is a platform where they can implement their innovations on a microchip and attend to IoT gadget creation.
On top of that any party can work in a new collaborative way truly in the same project area.
Even companies can establish design projects together and join their effort and skills in true collaboration.


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